Employability in a knowledge driven economy

Experiencial learning environments

Assessment and self regulated learning

The Planetspeak Discourse of Lifelong Learning in Sweden What is an Educable Adult

The theory of learning for the mobile age

Trends in faculty use and e-learning

The economics of knowledge and learning

Teaching and learning as a way of life

Readiness for the networked world

Focult and lifelong learning

Conceptual learning

Scaffolding learning

Scaffolding and beyond

Radical constructivism

Cognitive apprentiship in practice

Coop vs collab

Constructivist teaching strategies


Communities of practice1

Learning theoriesdef


Constructivism in workplace learning


Piaget constructivist

Theories of Constructivism

Towards constructivism for adult learners in online learning environments

VonGlaserfeld constructivism

Social Media and Reflective Practice in Student Affairs

Contextual Learning: A Reflective Learning Intervention for Nursing Education

Social Media Tools as a Learning Resource

Web Logs and Online Discussions as Tools to Promote Reflective Practice

The Role of Online Interaction as Support for Reflective Practice in Preservice Teachers

Social Media and Reflective Practice in Student Affairs

Reflective Journalling, the Paper Mirror

Journaling: A Quasi-Experimental Study of Student Nurses’ Reflective Learning Ability

The Use of Guided Refl ective Journals in Clinical Nursing Courses

A Literature Review of the Language Needs of Nursing Students who have English as a Second/Other Language and the Effectiveness of English Language Support Programmes

Faculty Support for ESL Nursing Students: Action Plan for Success

Social Media and Reflective Practice in Student Affairs

Reflective practice through on-line sharing

A Brief History of the Internet

Reflection and Nursing Education

SABES Lesson Planning Guide

Lesson Plan Constructivist Theory

Constructivist Lesson Plan Form

Blank Simple Care Plan

Care Plan template

Concept map blank

Cocoman & Murray


Save inj tec6

Managing Personal vs


How Do You Separate a Personal Brand from a Professional One_ _ John Rampton

Cyber mentoring

Cyber mentoring

Supporting student nurse with additional on-line communication tools

What is a wiki and how can it be used in resident teaching

Using a wiki in nursing education and research

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